Enclosure and climate control

Perfect Hills provides effective energy-efficient climate-controlled boxes features that are built-in air conditioner heaters and thermostats and are ideal for mounting electrical and electronic equipment both indoors and outdoors to meet the need of your application. Our cooling and heating Enclosures cooling units are designed to provide protection from happenings like a storm, rain, sleet, ice, snow, and dust thus managing airflow, temperature, and cooling technology.

We provide temperature control to keep sensitive equipment. Outfitting your outdoor enclosure with the appropriate cooling and heating features will help protect your investment.



Importance of Climate Control for Enclosures

Climate-controlled equipment cabinets play a key role in ensuring quality communications links.  These electronics require an environment that is controlled for heat and humidity for the proper functioning, Climate control for enclosures combats overheating and provides freezing protection, even in the harshest and bad environments.

Cooling and Heating Accessories

Monitor, manage and protect valuable equipment with Perfect Hills selection of temperature controls, heaters, and dehumidifiers

  • Heaters to protect equipment from high cold temperatures.
  • Thermostats and hygrostats to monitor the inside condition of the cabinet.
  • Dehumidifiers to keep extreme humidity from damaging internal components.


How do these enclosure cooling units work?

Enclosure cooling units are used for cooling down small enclosures and panels where heat generated by electrical devices. Enclosures allow the evacuation of heat from electrical cabinets and are nanoceramic coated for use and it allows lengthy intervals to be left between cleans. Enclosure cooling units have movable parts that help to reduce vibration, and are fitted with separate internal and external circuit protection.

Types of enclosure cooling units

Monitor, manage and protect valuable equipment with Perfect Hills selection of temperature controls, heaters, and dehumidifiers

Enclosure cooling units are created in the roof or side-mount designs that achieve high accuracy and low power consumption with minimum moving parts increases the lifespan of the unit and reduces maintenance needs.  Enclosure units use intelligent operating systems, to maintain accurate temperatures while reducing energy use.
Perfect Hills offers complete and innovative enclosure cooling units solutions for a variety of applications to meet your equipment protection needs.


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