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Perfect Hills has the right mix of experience and expertise in providing a huge inventory of Omron products.

Perfect Hills is a Contracting and Trading LLC, was established to provide a comprehensive solution to its customers in Oman. We work directly with our clients to build proficient workforces with the most qualified, experienced craftsmen. As an authorized Omron distributor in Oman, we are focused on tailoring a solution that fits each client’s unique needs. From omron relay muscat to Omron industrial controls system find everything at one place.

Electromagnetic Relay


An electrical relay is an electromagnetically operated electrical switch that completes or interrupts a circuit by physical movement of electrical contacts into contact with each other. Through a small current, a magnetic field is created in a coil within a magnetic core and used to operate a switch that can control a much larger current. A relay is an electromechanical switch used as a protecting and controlling device for various circuits, equipment, and electrical networks in a power system. Perfect Hills is the authorized Omron distributor in Oman.


  • Ultimate standards for reliability
  • Versatile Plug-in relay with enhanced features
  • High Capacity and Compatibility

Solid State Relays


Solid-state relays are semiconductor equipment and can be linked to electronic versions of electromechanical relays. It is an electronic switching device that has an output that switches on or off according to the signal applied to the input or when an external voltage is applied across its control terminals. It serves the same function as an electromechanical relay; the only difference is it has no moving parts and therefore results in a better and longer operational lifetime.


  • Faster switching
  • Better reliability
  • Longer life
  • High frequency and high efficiency.

Monitoring Products


The components of monitor products constantly monitor the state of the motors and the power used by each machine in the factory to detailed energy management to support countermeasures to save power.


  • Three-phase voltage relays
  • Conducive level controller
  • Liquid leakage sensor

Automation Systems


Omron is the leading supplier of automation systems. Automation Systems involves the Programmable Controllers that support the machine control, network, and software products to support easy information exchange with host systems.

Industrial PC


The Industrial PC is a rugged solution designed to meet the new environmental demands, such as safeguarding from liquids and dust, high temperatures, and high vibration.As compared with client systems, IPCs offer greater and better customization, reliability, and scalability, and a longer product life cycle. It is ideal for a space-constrained environment.


  • Powerful
  • Scalable
  • Tough

Programmable Logic Controllers


The Programmable Logic Controller is an industrial digital computer control system that has been ruggedized and adapted to continuously monitor and control the state of input devices takes decisions based upon a custom program to monitor the state of output devices and used for industrial automation to automate different electro-mechanical processes. It is specially designed to operate reliably under harsh industrial environments and to eliminate issues such as high-power consumption to control manufacturing processes.

Streamline your manufacturing process with Omron Programmable Logic Controllers advantages

  • High Speed
  • Support Data Collection
  • Popular and Flexible Modular

Human Machine Interfaces


A Human-Machine Interface is a defined uniquely designed feature and component of a software application that enables humans to interact with machines. Some common examples of common Human Machine Interface devices that we encounter in our day-to-day lives include touchscreens and keyboards.


  • Ease to use
  • High Functionality
  • Network Compatibility
  • Powerful Controllers
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