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Phoenix Contact distributors in Oman offer a wide range of innovative products to support your journey to a smarter world.

Perfect Hills is Phoenix Contact's premier authorized distributor. Through this site, you may search our huge inventory of Phoenix Contact's products. Phoenix terminal block trader, phoenix contact cable connector, phoenix relay board, phoenix contact-ups in Oman. Perfect Hills has experienced customer service team members who are ready to help you 24*7.

Terminal blocks


Phoenix terminal block trader in Muscat offers push-in, screw, spring-cage, fast, or bolt connection, all of these connection technologies can be freely combined with each other using the same accessories due to the double function shaft.


  • Complete flexibility: terminal blocks with different connection technologies can be freely combined
  • Bridging and testing option with double function shaft
  • Save money with uniform bridging, marking, and test accessories

Power Supply


Supply your application reliably with our power supplies. Choose the ideal power supply that meets your needs from our wide range of different products, families choose the ideal power supply for your specific applications. The products differ with regard to their design, power, and functionality. They have been optimally tailored to the requirements of various industries, such as machine-building and systems manufacturing, building automation, shipbuilding, and process technology.


  • Superior system availability, for example, through the unique development of SFB Technology
  • Operational safety with extremely high-quality components
  • Flexible use: wide temperature range and adjustable output voltage



Electrically controlled switches that perform many functions in automation are called relays. Phoenix relay board in Muscat provides support in the form of clever relays and optocouplers switching, whether isolating, monitoring, amplifying, or multiplying. Whether solid-state relays, electromechanical relays, coupling relays, optocouplers, or time relays and logic modules, you will find the right relay for your application here.


  • reliable switching of loads. Highly compact relay modules
  • Highly compact switching and. control – logic relay system
  • Ultra-narrow time relays – Slim and precise

Industrial Communication


Phoenix Contact distributors in Oman industrial communication is the reliable transmission of data from the field to the control level. It aims for consistent solutions with Industrial Ethernet, state-of-the-art wireless technologies, and cybersecurity to increase the availability and security of the networked systems. Network protocols and Fieldbus systems such as PROFINET, OPC UA, PROFIBUS, and INTERBUS ensure efficient communication.


  • High Performance and Reliable Network
  • Cybersecurity for increased network security
  • Remote maintenance via the internet and cloud

High-current feed-Through terminal blocks


Perfect Hills, a phoenix terminal block trader in Muscat offers a complete product range of high-current feed-through terminal blocks with a compact design.


  • Reliable and tested current transfer
  • Maximum flexibility
  • The right connection for every mounting position
  • Secure connection for alternative mounting options

Cable Connector


Phoenix contact cable connectors are a necessary staple part of any tool kit as they are quick and easy to use. Cable Connectors are used in all sorts of industries and markets:


  • Multi designs and modular systems.
  • Maximum reliability, high- quality, flexibility.
  • Innovative and time-saving connection solutions

Board-to-board connectors


Phoenix board-level interconnects are manufactured to give you more performance in the harshest applications. Board-to-board connectors are available in shielded and unshielded solutions for signal and data transmission for the first time.


  • Variability: In shielded and unshielded versions
  • Reliable mechanical and electrical connections
  • Flexible device design

Charging Cables and Charging Sockets


Charging cables and sockets connection systems are safe, reliable, and convenient in operation by setting new standards in the supply of energy for electric vehicles. Silver-plated power and signal contacts, high-precision temperature monitoring, and an integrated locking system with enormous design.


  • The complete, standard-compliant product range
  • Efficient power transmission
  • long-term stability
  • Safe charging

Circular connectors


Find the appropriate design for your specific application at Phoenix contractors starting from small to large, straight or angled, molded, or for on-site assembly. Phoenix relay board muscat.


  • Reliable transmission of signals, data, and power
  • Innovative connection solutions for devices with all industry-standard
  • The high degree of flexibility

Connectors for energy storage


With pluggable battery connections via a busbar connector or via a battery, pole connector installs your energy storage systems quickly, safely, and cost-effectively for applications. Use the connector that is perfectly suited for your individual application.


  • Future-oriented connection technology
  • Flexible in use
  • Quick installation:
  • Safe installation and maintenance
  • Durable connection and safety

Data connectors


Transmit data reliably and safely using Phoenix Contact data connectors. With a wide range of designs, coding, and pin connector patterns, you can flexibly implement consistent solutions for data transmission.


  • Maximum flexibility
  • Easy installation
  • Support for common bus systems
  • High level of safety, even in industrial environments

Heavy-duty connectors


Heavy-duty connectors protect your interfaces and ensure safe power transmission even under the harshest conditions. They are resistant to dirt, water, vibrations, and high mechanical strain and remain sealed up for a high degree of protection.


  • Right plug-in connection for your requirements
  • Compatible connection
  • Flexible combination
  • Everything in one housing

Modular rectangular connectors


Phoenix Contact ups in Oman offers modular rectangular connectors that enable you to create compact and consistent connections on devices, junction boxes, and control cabinets, from the field cabling right through to the PCB.


  • Maximum flexibility
  • Suitable for harsh ambient conditions
  • Time savings

PCB connectors


Our PCB connectors offer a universal, maintenance-friendly conductor connection for almost all device designs from various industries and markets. Find Phoenix relay board in Muscat.


  • For currents up to 125 A and voltages up to 1000 V
  • With screw, spring, insulation displacement, pierce or crimp connection
  • Locking by means of latch mechanism systems

PCB terminal blocks


PCB terminal blocks enable the easy and safe transmission of signals, data, and power directly to the PCB. The space-saving connection method is suitable for numerous applications in the process industry and industrial environments.


  • For conductor cross-sections
  • With screw, spring, or insulation displacement connection



We offer Phoenix Contact-developed connectors for field assembly that are specifically designed for cabling photovoltaic systems. The connectors cover a wide range of requirements whether AC or DC, circular or rectangular. Device connectors, PCB connection technology, and accessories complete the comprehensive portfolio.


  • Quicker and easier conductor connection
  • Innovative fast connection technology.
  • Easy cabling
  • Flexibility Future-oriented connection solutions
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