Power supplies and DC UPS

Perfect Hills Trading & Contracting LLC- The Best Power Supplies in Muscat

Today, Perfect Hills is an independent uninterruptible power supply maintenance provider with service throughout Oman. We deliver streamlined, one-stop power supply services for every make and model. Our smarter power management and better use of your critical power budget to streamline and save.



Uninterrupted Power Supply

An uninterrupted power supply is an electrical module that provides an emergency power load when an input power source or main power turns down or fails. A battery for temporary storage is typically used in UPS power Supplies. Discover what makes us the trusted independent uninterruptible best power supply in Muscat.

DC/DC converters

Power Hill offers a wide range of high-quality dc-dc converters suppliers in the industry today. We specialize in mission-critical services for our data center clients across the OMAN. With a wide choice, we offer regulated/ unregulated, standard/ high isolation, standard/ extra-wide input voltages, and enclosure cooling unit for all industry-standard, we are the leading dc-dc converters suppliers in Muscat.



Redundancy Module

A parallel connection of two power supplies that are decoupled is a redundancy module. It ensures the high availability and productivity of your system; thus, during a failure of one power supply unit, a redundant system ensures no downtime of your system.

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