VFD and soft starter

What is VFD?

A VFD stands for variable frequency drive and it’s a motor control device that controls the speed of an AC induction motor during the start and stops of the cycle, as well as throughout the run cycle by varying the frequency supplied to the motor. They are also used to increase the level of a motor for a smooth startup and to prevent a heavy load from pressuring the motor on starting up. Perfect Hills is the renowned VFD supplier in Oman.

One of the biggest benefits of using a VFD is the energy cost savings that are directly associated with speed control. When e belts, sheaves, or gearboxes are unable to reduce the full speed of the motor a VFD helps to reduce the actual speed of the motor to let them ramp up their speed while starting up. Get the VFD for the best results from the best VFD supplier in Oman.



Motor Starter

One of the major inventions for motor control applications is Motor Starter. As the name suggests, a soft starter is an electrical device that controls the electrical power for starting a motor. The soft starters are mainly used for the purpose of controlling, stopping, reversing, and protecting electric motors. The soft server will not only protect your motor but also expands the life cycle of your motor by preventing it from damages of mechanical stress, declines the heating caused due to frequent starts and stops of motors.

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