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Cable & Marking/labeling Accessories for Challenging Applications

Are you looking to buy top-quality Cable and Marking /labeling Accessories for the application of numerous industries?. We are the top marking & cable accessories supplier in Muscat.

Customized Cable and Accessories Solution

With 10+ years of experience in the supply of marking & cable accessories supplier for electrical components.
 Perfect Hills provides customized solutions for various cables and markingaccessories according to your requirement.


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  • Cable and Accessories

    Get High quality and high-functioning electrical cables and accessories.

  • Lugs

    Achieve the best crimp connections by using our cable lugs

  • Ferrules & Numbering

    Get useful Numbering Ferrules on Perfect Hills. This product is used for fastening, joining, sealing, or reinforcement.

  • Shrink Sleeves

    Perfect Hills is a leading manufacturer of Shrink Sleeves in OMEN, catering to a wide range of markets.

  • Spirals

    Get the premium quality of spiral cables in Perfect Hills

  • Cable Tie

    Get branded super strong and non-releasable cable tie

  • Tie Base

    Find out Quickly and easily mount wires and cables

  • Marking

    Multipurpose Printers for Equipment’s, Terminal Blocks and wire marking

  • Labeling

    wide range of labeling products suitable for cable and device application

Perfect Hills cable accessories suppliers in Muscat, Oman have been privileged to work with some of the finest organizations in the world. From small to large we are dedicated to partnering with our clients to determine the specific needs of their organization.

We offer


Timely Delivery

On-time delivery to meet your fast and urgent needs of customers.


Quality Assurance

Professional and efficient quality team to protect cable quality.



10+ experience in the cable industry, Be worthy of trusting and cooperative.

With abundant experience in this field, we have built a professional team that has made a difference in the market. Perfect Hills provide the right solution for any cable application, whether it is control, instrumentation, fiber, data, or low voltage at the most competitive cost and quality.

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