Industrial Communication and Control devices

What is an Industrial Communication Network?

Data communication refers to the transformation of information or data, mostly in digital format from a transmitter to a receiver through a link (which can be copper wire, optical fiber, or any other medium) connecting these two. Perfect Hills Trading & Contracting LLC protects your infrastructure through a high-quality fiber optic switch supply in Oman.

Earlier traditional communication networks are used to enable data communication between computers, their peripherals, and other electronic devices. Whereas, the industrial communication network is the latest network that is made to handle real-time control and data integrity over large installations in harsh environments.

The industrial control system is an upgraded control system and associated instrumentation, which includes the devices, systems, networks, and controls that are used to automate industrial processes. Depending on the particular industry, each and every ICS functions differently and is built to electronically manage the tasks efficiently. Today all sorts of industrial sectors like manufacturing, transportation, energy, and water treatment are nearly used devices and protocols used in an ICS. Power Hills is the leading fiber optic switch supplier in Oman.

  • SMS relays

    It keeps you updated on the current status or error state of your system, even if you are in the field.

  • Wireless devices

    Devices which use radiofrequency to communicate can be considered a wireless device e.g., garage door openers, baby monitors, certain video game consoles, and walkie-talkies.

  • Industrial Ethernet

    Perfect Hills provides Ethernet switches in Muscat, Oman. Industrial Ethernet it's the use of Ethernet in an industrial environment with protocols that provide real-time control and determinism.

  • PlC’s

    A programmable logic controller is an industrial digital computer device, adapted for the control of manufacturing processes.

  • Signal Isolator, repeater, and splitters

    The Signal Splitter, repeaters, and splitter are used for isolation, conversion, and distribution of Signal isolator or repeater power supply for 2- wire transmitters.

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